Local basketball standout finding his voice on police brutality and racial injustice

Watch: Local basketball standout finding his voice on police brutality and racial injustice

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local standout athlete is finding his voice as protests against police brutality and racial injustice continue all over the world.

Kennedy Chandler is the nation’s top high school point guard, so he has a pretty big platform nationwide, he used it last week to show support of George Floyd’s family and peaceful protestors.

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Life is good for the basketball star, the likes of Duke, Kentucky, Memphis and North Carolina have offered scholarships.

The 17-year-old was also recently solidified as the best high school point guard in the nation.

But all the attention doesn’t blind him from the reality the country is facing.

“It’s just hard for me because I’m just a young kid,” Kennedy Chandler said. “A young black kid watching this on TV. It’s just sad watching this.”

Chandler is paying close attention to the worldwide protests.

He’s even used his social media platform to share his support for the family of George Floyd and those on the front lines.

“For me I felt I just needed to say something,” Kennedy Chandler said. “First my dad used to talk to me about all this stuff going on and now I’m just seeing it. It kind of hurts.”

Chandler’s dad, Kylan, feels it on another level raising a black son.

He said the conversation on how to handle situations such as getting pulled over by cops happened early.

“Mainly, I just want my son alive,” Kylan Chandler said. “So, I just teach him things like that, my wife and I. Teach him the right things to do.”

“Yeah he just tells me if I ever get pulled over, just put my hands on the wheel,” Kennedy Chandler said. “Go and have my license and registration out and just don’t move at all.”

Kylan said Kennedy is using this time to find his voice and encourages him to speak out.

“I advise him all the time to use his platform to better society,” Kylan Chandler said. “You know what I mean? I just think it’s a great opportunity for him to do that because kids are looking at every move he makes.”

Knowing this, Kennedy has a message he wants to share.

“We just gotta come together and love one another,” he said. “Just come together as a society.”

A quick update on Kennedy’s career, of course, he’s spent the last three seasons at Briarcrest.

He’s decided to spend his last season at Sunrise Christian Academy in Kansas to get prepared for the next level which is still undecided.