Local church makes 70 Easter baskets for a nursing home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s Holy Week, and a Mid-South woman is making sure people in a local nursing home are not forgotten this Easter Sunday.

She told FOX13′s Tom Dees that the idea came to her in a dream.

As FOX13 found out, more than 70 nursing home residents are having a happy Easter.

The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and a group called the “Faithful” put together 70 baskets for the folks at Diversicare nursing home.

“A lot of these people are so lonely, and they think people don’t care, and I thought, what is coming up? Easter, so the kids all get baskets, and we never get too old to get baskets,” Mary Wack of Southaven said.

Wack said she woke up with that idea about a month ago.

Since then, she and others have worked to get the baskets together.

“I have been confronted by some coming in the door, they are excited about the baskets, seeing them and saying can I get one of those baskets, and I tell them just be in our service, and you will get a basket,” Annette Lott said.

So in a special service at the nursing home that included gospel hymns, the Easter baskets were handed out.

Resident Glenda Toliver got one and shared what it meant to her.

”I am in awe. I can’t believe we got a nice big easter basket. I am not going to open it. I might take the candy out, and that’s it. I am all choked up, and I am about to cry. It means a lot. It shows that somebody cares,” Toliver said.

Isaac Walker Lamb got a basket, too, and loved it.

”I think it is great for the center, it’s great for the residents, it means a whole lot when the community cares about us,” Lamb said.