Local comedian helps bring safe place for kids to Frayser community

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Children in one Memphis neighborhood wanted a safe place to play close to their homes, so they made their own makeshift park.

The park, located in Frayser, caught the attention of a local comedian who said he is determined to make the park into a first-class place for kids in his old neighborhood.

The comedian is using the tools he learned from the late Memphis rapper Young Dolph to make his own community better and help others.

Mario Bradley, who performs as Grove Hero, is known for making people laugh as a comedian on stage.

Offstage, he’s known for giving back to the local community.

He’s taken on ventures providing free housing for families and food to the homeless.

Most recently, he’s worked on turning one of his properties around the corner from the kids’ park into a state-of-the-art safe place.

The park is planned to sit at the corner of Beacon Hill Cove and Beacon Hill Drive.

Bradley said his grandmother taught him to give back and that Young Dolph gave him a life-changing opportunity.