Local DJ feels the impact of the coronavirus

WATCH: Local DJ feels the impact of the coronavirus

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A segment of the workforce you may not think about are those in the service industry and gig workers.

This can include Uber and Lyft drivers. You can put DJ’s in this group as well.

The impact of the coronavirus has reached far.

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It has impacted people all over the world, in many walks of life.

Kewani Kizer is a DJ.

“I am unable to go to work because again it’s a social type thing,” said Kizer. “So, wherever they are out of business, I am also out of business.”

From Wednesday to Saturday, regulars at bars in downtown Memphis know him as DJ Starr Killer.

He spent 12 years perfecting his craft.

“With all of that time that I put into it, that is exactly how I keep a roof over my head,” Kizer said. “That’s how I keep my family fed and whatnot.”

His family includes a 12-year old son and one-year-old daughter.

In a world of social distancing, DJ gigs have been hard to find.

Large gatherings aren’t happening in what is usually the start of a peak season.

The $2 trillion stimulus bill passed by the Senate includes help for gig workers like Kizer.

“There was rumors at one point in time on social media that things that you would have to pay would be put on hold,” Kizer said. “As of yet, I have yet to be confirmed with that. So I still gotta get these bills paid man. I gotta keep this house.”

Kizer said he’s just ready for the day he can start providing the soundtrack for downtown gatherings again.

“I’m gonna catch up with the old friends that I used to hang out with all the time, which I can’t see now because we gotta stay separate,” he said. “ But yeah, it’s going to be a nice little party.”

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