Local family displaced after lightning strikes home

HERNANDO, Miss. — A Hernando family is displaced after lightning struck their house during the storms on Wednesday.

It happened around 730 a.m. off Hillshire Road.

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Homeowner Jim Goss said he heard a loud boom then felt the entire house shake.

“The whole house shook, it felt like something, something exploded above the house,” said Goss.

Goss could barely recognize his house which is now covered in ashes and debris with a strong smell of smoke.

The chandelier was dangling from the ceiling while his daughter’s room is destroyed.

Luckily his wife and child were on a beach trip when this happened.

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“The lightning struck 6 feet away from where my daughter’s bed is,” said Goss.

At first, Goss didn’t realize his roof was on fire.

He said a sanitation worker frantically knocked on his door to tell him.

“He got out of his truck in the pouring rain to knock on the door, he could’ve said someone else could do it but he got out the precious few moments he saved,” said Goss.

Goss said the fire department quickly put out the fire.

He was able to save precious family photos and other important belongings.

Despite the damage, he’s thankful no one was hurt and his family was gone.

“Very thankful, god had a plan for them and I’m thankful they weren’t here because it could’ve been a lot worse,” said Goss.

Goss said he is staying at a family’s rental house for the time being.

He’ll probably stay there for about six months until the home is repaired.