Local family stars in Netflix series ‘Buried by the Bernards’

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local family is soon-to-be Netflix stars, thanks to a commercial that went viral.

R. Bernard Funeral Services, ran by Ryan Bernard, hit the airwaves after they filmed a commercial that went viral not once, but twice.

Debbie Bernard, Ryan’s mother, had the idea to make a commercial to advertise their affordable drive-thru viewing services, according to an article by the Commercial Appeal. She told Kevin Miller, Ryan’s uncle, that he would jump out of a casket.

Just because of that, the commercial went viral twice, being seen on Steve Harvey’s television show, a feature on HBO, and by the New York Post. Harvey’s press team sent FOX13 information about Ryan being on his show previously in March 2018.

Now the Memphis family made up of Debbie, Ryan, Miller, and Ryan’s two daughters, are set to premiere their own reality show on Netflix on Feb. 12.

For eight episodes, the viewer will be able to see the day-to-day operations. They were filmed between January and March of 2020. This all happened right before the pandemic which caused the business to grow.

FOX13 talked to Ryan when he first started the business in 2017. He said he wanted a more personalized experience for families at affordable prices.

The funeral home located on Lamar Avenue was chosen. The building was an old bank, that already had a window.

Ryan first saw a drive-thru viewing in California, which allowed family members who might be on a tight schedule or who might have mobility issues, to still pay their respects, he told FOX13 previously.

During COVID-19, the window has become a way for family members to safely celebrate their loved ones.

Our friends at the Commercial Appeal contributed to part of this article.