Local family warning others about Shelby County jail conditions after inmate attacked with brick

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — FOX13 is investigating concerns about inmate safety inside the jail at 201 Poplar.

One family told FOX13 an inmate accused of murder in two states got his hands on a brick in the jail and severely beat their loved one.

The victim in this attack is now fighting for his life.

The family wants others with a loved one inside the jail to know they should be concerned, because you don’t know who they could be housed with.

Cordero Ragland is currently in the ICU at Regional One with skull fractures.

Doctors are monitoring swelling in his brain.

According to an affidavit obtained by FOX13, the brutal attack was captured on surveillance video.

The suspect who attacked Ragland in the video is facing capital murder charges.

Ragland was taken to 201 after violating his probation, according to his lawyer.

Lawyers representing Ragland’s family say most jails have policies when it comes to placing inmates in areas based on their charges.

Attorney Michael Campbell said incidents like the attack on Ragland are not supposed to happen.

“If you have somebody with a traffic charge, maybe a DUI or something, it’s very unusual to find him sitting with someone may have a murder charge,” Campbell said.

Ragland’s mother, Pamela Mitchell, told FOX13 she has been completely in the dark about what happened to Ragland.

“I still don’t know anything, it’s been days and days,” she said.

In a statement to FOX13, the a spokesperson for the jail gave criteria for housing inmates.

Read the full statement below:

The SCSO jail classification procedures are in place to ensure the proper housing for all our detainees. When a person is arrested and transported to the jail at 201 Poplar, jail officials use the following criteria to determine the housing of inmates: pending charges; criminal history (previous arrests or convictions, both local and national); and any disciplinary action during a previous incarceration.

Typically, detainees charged with misdemeanor-only level offenses are classified as such and are housed in units on particular floors in the jail.

Those charged with misdemeanors may have their classification increased if they have pending felony charges involving violence, have a felony criminal history or those charged with assaultive felonies or above (aggravated assault, rape, attempted murder, murder, etc.). As a result, they could be classified as such, and assigned to cells/pods on different floors in the jail, separate from those with misdemeanors only.