Local girl with lung disease urges people to stay home

WATCH: Local girl with lung disease urges people to stay home

The message is loud and clear: Stay at home.

“So you have to do one thing. Do you know what it is? It’s really easy. Stay at home!”

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A 4-year-old Germantown girl with a chronic lung disease wants you to stay at home to protect people who are more at risk for the coronavirus.

Her mother posted a video on Sunday. Since then, it’s been shared about 3,000 times with over 60,000 views.

Her mother said it might not seem like it, but her daughter is sick and more at risk for getting the coronavirus. She wanted to make a cute video to convince people to stay at home to protect people like her daughter.

Eliza Boer is a ball of energy. She enjoys everything a typical four-year-old does, but unlike other little girls, she suffers from a rare disease.

"I'm already doing what I can to stay healthy. I need you to do your part. And there are a lot of other people like me," Boer said in the video.

Boer was born with a chronic lung disease, which puts her more at risk for the coronavirus.

“Even a cold can turn into pneumonia and send her to the hospital,” her mother said.

Her mother Rachael made the video to let people know the coronavirus can hurt people like her daughter.

The family has stayed indoors for weeks to keep Eliza safe while using her regular treatments.

“It puts a different spin on it when you put a real face and name with that vulnerable category and makes it more real for people,” Eliza’s mom said.

Her mother said she plans on staying inside for the next few months.

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