Local grocery rewards employees for their hard work during pandemic

WATCH: Local grocery store rewards employees for their hard working during the pandemic

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis grocery store made Wednesday extremely special for its employees in appreciation for all the hard work they’ve continued to do throughout the pandemic.

Like all your big-name grocery stores, your Kroger’s and Walmart’s, the employees at Emilio’s Supermecado y Carniceria say they have been working hard to make sure customers stay six feet apart, constantly restocking their store with much-needed essentials, and that’s why management is calling its employees superheroes.

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“It’s been very challenging and difficult because we want to be able to provide for people the most basic things. People need to be able to eat, and that’s been very challenging,” said Patrick Fellman.

Fellman owns Emilio's Supermarket and Butcher with his wife.

He told FOX13 he doesn’t know how his store would have made it so far without the help of his hard-working employees.

“We call them our superheroes. They have run into many challenges in trying to keep people socially distanced,” he said.

Wednesday Fellman and his wife decided to show their appreciation by throwing a party and giving their employees bonus checks for all of their hard work during the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fellman said even in the clutch of running out of supplies and popular foods like tortillas, his employees always find a way to provide for the customer.

“So, what we did to provide for our customers is we took 50-pound sacks of maseca and broke it down into smaller containers so that they could purchase and sold it by the pound,” he said.

Fellman told FOX13 his store may be a hidden gem in Memphis, but it’s the employees that make it one of the most special places in the entire Mid-South.

“We know they have been tired. We know they have been working really hard to provide the most basic necessities for the community and our clients, and we really appreciate all of their hard work,” Fellman said.

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