Local man says his pictures show I-40 Bridge damage from 2016

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A kayaker has come forward with pictures he said show the fracture in the I-40 Bridge dating back to 2016.

“It was an enjoyable day out there on the river. Little did I know what I took,” Barry Moore, photographer.

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The news of the I-40 Bridge being shut down because of a fracture in a beam pushed Moore to sift through old pictures he took of the bridge while kayaking on the Mississippi River in 2016.

“I was stunned and surprised. I number one got a picture of it and number two, the crack was that far along in 2016,” said Moore.

Moore came forward with the pictures in hopes of lending a helping hand to crews investigating the short- and long-term status of the bridge.

“Evidence of the crack being there in 2016 hopefully helps engineers better know what is going on,” said Moore.

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We reached out to the Arkansas Department of Transportation about these pictures.

While this week the agency released an image from a drone shot in 2019 of the crack, they said they reviewed pictures they had dating back to the early 2000s and did not find any other pictures of the fracture.

They also did not have drone video before 2019; so, they could not verify Moore’s pictures.

“I don’t think it was touched inch by inch like they said it should have been done,” said Moore.

We also asked ARDOT whether the now-fired lead bridge inspector responsible for inspecting the bridge the past two years also inspected the bridge in 2016, but they were unsure. They’re looking into how many inspections of the bridge he was involved in.