Local mother still dealing with pain after losing son

Watch: Mother still dealing with pain after losing son

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hannah Upchurch said she’s still dealing with the pain of losing her son, Dejuan Upchurch, in 2018.

“I’m still sitting here struggling through it,” Upchurch said. “Having a hard time to deal with it because I was living with him and I had to deal with seeing that.”

TRENDING: Memphis on pace for over 475 homicides in 2021

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She said her son was getting ready to walk his dog out before hearing gunshots.

Upchurch said she got up and saw that her son was hit.

The shots went through his left and right backside, hitting a main artery.

“I guess it was the adrenaline rush he was having,” she said. “Because he was basically saying they gonna let me die. They gonna let me die. I was telling him it’s gonna be okay. You ain’t fittin’ to go nowhere.”

Upchurch said she saw her son take his last breath as he was being taken away onto the ambulance. He was 25-years-old.

Upchurch, who believes her son was targeted, said she hasn’t heard anything from investigators.

“They haven’t got in contact with me,” she said. “I have been calling the detective that’s on the case. Leave my name, leave my number and everything. I haven’t gotten no callback, nothing.”

This shooting was in 2018. Memphis is coming off a record-breaking 2020 that saw 332 homicides.  And 2021 is already on pace to shatter those numbers.

Upchurch said city leadership needs to figure out a solution to the violence issue in the city.

“It needs to be resolved or put somebody else in they place in they seat that can come in and make it better,” she said. “Cause around here in Memphis, don’t nobody around here in this community want to deal with going through what I’m going through.”

Upchurch said she just wants answers.

“Please step up and say something,” she said. “I am a mother that is hurting to find out and get justice for what happened to him.”

And for those who have lost loved ones in what has been the deadliest time for Memphis, Upchurch has this message.

“Ya’ll just hang in there cause it’s gonna get better and better days are coming,” she said. “Don’t give up. Just stay in there and fight until the end.”