Local musicians from two different worlds sing the same tune about skin color

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A self-proclaimed backroad rebel band leader and a member of famous rhythm & blues band The BAR-KAYS teamed up and dropped a music video Sunday night in the middle of a pandemic and global protests.

The song SKIN wasn’t written for these times, but times like these may need a lyrical song to encourage judging people by the content of their character.

Part of the lyrics are 'It’s the character that counts in a man but all this nonsense and fussing and wasted love and it's all over skin.'

The song spins a simple urging – don’t let skin color determine how you treat people.

The lyrics fit today’s events but was written two years before George Floyd’s death.

Singer-songwriter Lance McDaniel from Marked Tree, Arkansas is part of the band the Shotgun Billys.

“I wrote the song about my good friend Willis McQuiston, friendship, growing up together. Thought if the world could be like Will and I, it would be alright,” McDaniel told FOX13.

Willis McQuiston is an African American.

McDaniel’s relationship with music goes back to childhood. He learned to love country from his dad and Sly and the Family Stone from his mother. His relationship with Chris J and the BAR-KAYS was his own.

"Your color of skin doesn’t matter when you come in to record. What mattered was could you play, McDaniel said.

Singer-songwriter Chris J with the BAR-KAYS said, “We hope the world, that it resonates with them and changes their mindset and treat all people as human beings. I want choirs to remake it, different bands to perform it, sing it - a song of timeless music.”

The writer and singers of the new song called Skin- said they believe all the song needs is an opportunity.

CLICK HERE to watch the video at The Shotgun Billys YouTube page.