Local pastor creates song in hopes of helping end gun violence

Watch: Local pastor creates song in hopes of helping end gun violence

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Just 13 days into the New Year and already, there have been 17 homicides.  Out of that number, 14 are murders.

One North Memphis pastor wrote two songs to encourage people to put down the guns.

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Pastor Eddie Brooks, who first got introduced to music in the 60′s when Issac Hayes used to play the piano for him for four years, is using his lyrics to inspire others.     

Tu’Shun Hodrick, 12-year-old, was one of the victims who brooks found gunned down in his North Memphis neighborhood.

Brooks got the attention of people in his neighborhood when he wrote lyrics about stopping the violence.

He wrote a few songs recently, not long after Memphis reached its deadliest year on record in 2020.

“They’re killing babies, now that’s a shame before they even have a name how can you think that’s the thing to do, what if your mother had done to you.”

Two children have been killed this year, including 10-year-old Dameon Chalmers.

Close friends of his family said his 14-year-old brother accidentally shot and killed him but some asked how did he get his hands on a gun.

Memphis police are looking into the recent investigation of a 14-year-old shot and killed in Raleigh Tuesday night.

“That’s a pitiful number, there is no reason for a man to take another man’s life because he can’t give life, why would you take life,” Brooks said.

That’s why Brooks is sending a message about crime in his city and neighborhood.

“Treat each other like you want them to treat you, that’s what you need to do make this world a better place, all it takes is me and you.”

Even as we were in the neighborhood, you could hear other people walking down the street singing the lyrics to the song.

Brooks and his group wrote another song that’s on this CD called “Wake up Brother and Stop Killing Each Other.”