Local police department warns of teens engaging in ‘general moronic activity’

HERNANDO, Miss. — A local police department has a public service announcement about teens involved in “general moronic activity.”

The Hernando Police Department said they’ve received many calls about teens going around the city and shooting people with Orbeez toy guns.

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The Orbeez toy guns shoot out small water beeds which could cause harm if not handled properly.

The Hernando police issued a warning and said the teens’ actions will not be tolerated.

The police department also got complaints from business owners about teens “loitering on parking lots leaving trash, harassing customers, using drugs, underage drinking, dangerous driving operations, and general moronic activity.”

Some business owners have begun to file police reports to ban them from their property.

The Hernando police ask teens not to ruin the town for everyone else and for parents to converse with their child about manners and respect for others.