Local “superhero” helps students cope with recent school shootings

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local superhero made the rounds Monday at schools in Memphis.

His name is “Wake,” short for awakening, and he’s helping students ease the social and emotional trauma after recent school shootings.

“It’s really about inspiring kids to do something different, step out of their norm and face the hero inside of themselves, because that’s what Memphis needs,” he said.

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A 13-year-old boy was recently shot by another student at Cummings School in South Memphis.

The victim was shot in a stairwell and rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. The shooter will appear in November on attempted first-degree murder charges.

Wake is part of Heal the Hood Foundation’s “Don’t Kill My Future” campaign in Hickory Hill.

He visited Hickory Ridge Middle to greet students as they entered the building.

“Don’t kill my future is really about encouraging adults to take responsibility,” he said. “It’s about our responsibility to teach them better ways.”

Each student gets a comic book with examples and stories on how to steer clear of trouble.

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The books are meant to help encourage students to do the right things in school and life.

Wake said things in front of kids, like some rap music, are not inspiring them toward a better future.

‘It’s actually pushing them into a darker future,” he said.

A major goal of the project is also to help students deal with violent behavior in their own communities.

Wake is scheduled to visit several other schools in the area, and the goal is to visit 50 schools this school year.