Local woman devastated by condition of grandfather’s grave

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For the first time since she was a little girl, Tanyetta Garner said she went out to the Hollywood Cemetery Monday to visit her grandfather’s grave.

“I knew where it was,” Garner said. “I didn’t have to ask her where and when I get here this is what I find.”

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She said she was shocked by what she found, overgrown grass, trash scattered about, even a mattress on the grounds.

“This has been used as a dumping ground,” she said. “There’s a sinkhole there and there.”

She said there are graves, apparently starting to sink into the ground.

Garner said the burial records office burned, so she doesn’t know if there are any records to retrieve.

“There may be people in the community that live over in the Pine Hill Rose Wood community that may want to use this as a burial site,” she said. “But I wouldn’t want to. It’s not in good conditions to even do that.”

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Garner said she doesn’t even know who to contact or who is responsible.

FOX13 visited the cemetery in 2017 and has reported on issues there in the past.

We did a computer search to track down anyone associated with this cemetery and found none.

FOX13 also called the number linked to Hollywood Cemetery but got a disconnected message.

Garner said she wants answers and hopes her story motivates others to speak out.

“Somebody dropped the ball and if they don’t know how or how to go about giving it to somebody else,” she said. “If the city picks it up, I don’t know but this is unacceptable for a resting place that people pay thousands of dollars to be put at rest to end up looking like this.”