Low-income families struggle to access face masks

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Masks are now the law in Memphis but what if you don’t have one?

Some people who told FOX13 that they desperately needed masks walked away with handmade ones this afternoon, and even got lunch.

”I’ve had this one for about three months because I can’t get another mask,” said Apeeriday Miles, a Tulane Apartments tenant. “They’re running out of them in the hospitals and everything. The only thing they’ll give you is like hand sanitizer.”

Miles wasn’t the only person in her household who wore the same mask for three months--so did her children.

The mother of two said she couldn’t afford to buy new ones.

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“I try to go to the hospital and get one,” she said. “They don’t issue them out unless you’re being seen.”

Minerda Little, the executive director of Making a Difference Inc. delivered more than 1,000 masks for kids living at Tulane Apartments in Whitehaven on Friday.

“The idea was to make a mask that we really thought the children would wear, and if other children see other children wearing masks, then I think more children will be wearing to wear the masks,” she said.

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Jesse Chism, Tennessee State Representative, also gave away masks to parents.

This made a difference to the families who don’t have the finances and don’t always know where to find them.

“We don’t get this often,” said Miles. “People don’t do this often, and it’s a blessing.”

The executive director of Making a Difference Inc. said the goal is to make 3,000 masks.