LUCKY STORE: Memphis store that sold $2M Powerball has history of good fortune, shoppers say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A lucky lottery winner won $2 million after purchasing a Powerball ticket at the Classic Mart on North Cleveland in the Crosstown area of Memphis.

“Usually, customers don’t pay a lot of powerplays because of the extra dollar. But, that dollar is worth it because that person who bought it, he played powerplay. So, for an extra $1 he got an extra $1 million,” said the store manager.

The customer who won the big prize matched five out of five white balls and purchase the Power Play option.

Customers we spoke with said they believe the store brings them special luck.

“I have hit $500 maybe 15 times, and I won $2,000 on this same exact ticket,” said Shamika Gilchrease.

Gilchrease believes more people win at the storm because more people play there. The store manager said he has seen an increase in business since the player won $2 million.

“They’ve been playing a lot since they found out about the store,” said the store manager.

Lottery officials said no additional information is available until the prize is claimed.