Making it in the Mid-South: Single mother of 5 now hopeful

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For weeks now FOX13 been trying to help viewers struggling to get answers about unemployment benefits. In many cases, we've been able to get results.

That extra money really helped a mother of five get back on her feet.

FOX13 spoke with Hollie Lockett back in early April. She feared getting evicted. The single mom got her unemployment benefits last month and said that was the best news she received all year.

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In early April, Lockett and her five children had to rely on Shelby County Schools Nutritional Services for food for the first time. That’s a reality for a number of families we’ve met during this pandemic.

Lockett was laid off during the pandemic as a custodial worker at a hospital. Life changed for the single mother when she finally got her unemployment benefits last month after FOX13 stepped in to help.

“It was like a big break for me,” said Lockett.

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In April, Lockett feared the food would run out. Now, she said she is able to provide for her children in many ways.

“As far as bills that were overlapping, I was able to catch up on those type of things and put a little savings to the side as well. So that was a big help,” she said.

Lockett said the additional $600 she gets from the federal government for unemployment benefits runs out next week. She’s not as worried as she was when she first got laid off, because she says brighter days are ahead.

“I probably go for an interview not this Friday but next Friday. It depends on the pandemic and what they do and don’t allow to open,” said Lockett.

Lockett said that interview is for cleaning services.

The federal pandemic unemployment program that allows you to receive an additional $600 ends July 25. Lockett said she is still hopeful.

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