Malco theaters reopen in Memphis with social distancing guidelines

Watch: Malco reopens theaters in Memphis

MEMPHIS,Tenn. — Grab your popcorn!

It’s opening day at Malco Theaters across the Mid-South, but things will be a lot different because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The first thing we wanted to do is buy the tickets before they were sold out,” said customer Ronnie Parnell.

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“There’s nothing like sitting in the movie chair with your big popcorn,” Parnell said.

Malco theaters are welcoming people back after being closed for months because of the pandemic. They have implemented several safety precautions.

“As long as they’re practicing social distancing and safe. It’s fine,” said customer Josh Dorty.

Safety measures include ordering tickets in advance online wearing required facial coverings.

Social distancing will be enforced.

Groups must sit at least six feet apart from one another with every other row empty. In between showings auditoriums will undergo a deep clean.

“Coming here seeing this, it’s a really emotional thing. We honestly thought we would never be able to do this because of what’s happening,” Dorty said.

Moviegoers are simply happy a favorite pastime is back.

“Some might think it’s too soon. But for us it’s something we love so much,” Dorty said.

The following locations will open Sept. 3: Forest Hill Cinema Grill, Olive Branch Cinema Grill, Oxford Commons Cinema Grill, Corinth Cinema, Columbus Cinema, Sikeston Cinema Grill and Monticello Cinema.

More cinemas will open Sept. 11 and 17, according to a release from Malco.