Malco Theatres offers big screen rentals for gaming as more locations reopen

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Malco Theaters announced plans to reopen its Powerhouse Cinema Grill in Downtown Memphis Friday.

The announcement comes after Malco reopened four of its Memphis theaters last weekend.

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  • Paradiso Cinema Grill and IMAX
  • Collierville Cinema Grill and IMAX
  • Stage Cinema Grill
  • Wolfchase Cinema Grill

You can purchase tickets and reserve spots on Malco’s website or mobile app.

Malco is also offering big screen rentals for video games for up to 20 people.

According to a release from Malco, guests can enjoy up to 3 hours of Big Screen Gaming in a private auditorium using customers’ own console and games.

Rentals start at $100.

No outside food or drink is allowed.