The wait continues for Billy Ray Turner to go to trial

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The man accused of killing former NBA player Lorenzen Wright still has no trial date.

Minutes before Billy Ray Turner made his appearance in court a group of protesters staged themselves outside of 201 Poplar.

The protesters told FOX13 they believe more people are involved in the shooting death of Lorenzen Wright.

Abigail Noel said she’s a psychic and that she’s followed the case since 2011.

"I have been fighting for justice for Lorenzen Wright. We would like to see all of the perpetrators in the case. The other people involved in the case do time,” Noel said.

She said much of the information that’s be brought to light she brought it to the attention of former Memphis Police Director, Larry Godwin.

Noel said her and the other people’s reasons for demonstrating isn’t to prove Billy Ray Turner’s innocence but to let people know more people played a role in killing Lorenzen Wright.

Turner is scheduled to reappear in front of a judge on Feb. 11 and attorneys believe that is when a trial date will be set.

Billy Ray Turner will have his fourth hearing in five months to get a trial date.

Turner’s trial was originally set to start back in mid-September but got recessed so that his lawyers could overlook new evidence.

Background of the case:

Lorenzen Wright was last seen alive on July 18, 2010 when he left the home of Sherra Wright. The next day, police received a phone call from his cell phone, but it was interrupted by gunfire, according to Shelby County District Attorney’s Office.

Previously, Judge Lee Coffee said he hopes the trial be concluded by the end of the year. Previously in court, he expressed gratitude for the patience shown by Deborah Marion, who is Lorenzen’s mother.

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Sherra Wright’s former attorneys attempted to deem her mentally incompetent to stand trial, but the report did determine Sherra was mentally fit to stand trial.

Juni Ganguli took over after Sherra's original team of lawyers – Steve Farese, Jr. and Blake Ballin – told the judge they could no longer represent her and asked to be removed from the case. During that hearing, Sherra was wearing a red jumpsuit – which was indicative of discipline for misbehavior.

The behavior was outlined by Judge Lee Coffee during Sherra’s bond hearing in May. He said she stripped off her clothes in her celled, stuffed them in the toilet and said ‘I am going swimming y’all.’ Jail staff also accused the alleged killer of being abusive and cursing at them, along with other inmates.

In July, Sherra Wright pleaded guilty to facilitation of murder in the first degree. She was sentenced to 30 years in prison and must serve at least 30% of the sentence.

Wright’s body was later discovered on July 28, 2010 in a field near Hacks Cross and Winchester. The 34-year-old was shot multiple times.

Investigators found the alleged murder weapon in a lake near Walnut, Mississippi on November 9, 2017.

Billy Turner was arrested and charged in Wright’s murder on Tuesday, December 5. He is being held on a $15 million bond.

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Sherra Wright was arrested on December 15 at her home in California. She was extradited back to Memphis and charged in the murder.

Sherra Wright in wheelchair during California court appearance

California neighbors say Sherra Wright was always on her phone

Investigators believe the duo tried to kill Lorenzen multiple times. The details were outlined by police during a news conference in December 2017. Her bond is set at $20 million.

More details regarding the alleged murder plot were revealed during Turner’s bond hearing in early May. In a statement read by prosecutors, Sherra’s cousin Jimmy Martin provided step-by-step details for how the killing allegedly unfolded.