Man arrested after allegedly pulling gun on protesters, court records show

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man has been arrested after several witnesses told police he pulled a gun on them during Wednesday night’s protests.

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Paul Staples, 39. has been charged with eight counts of aggravated assault and two counts of tampering with and/or fabricating evidence, court records show.

According to an affidavit, protesters passed by Staples home in the 480 block of Main Street Wednesday night. As they passed, unpleasant words were exchanged between the group and Staples.

The situation escalated when Staples pointed a handgun at the protesters to keep them away from his car, an affidavit said.

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Staples came to the North Main Precinct Friday night to give a statement and to hand the 22 caliber pellet pistol he had told investigators he used.

He handed police a toy airsoft pistol that did not match the photograph. When questioned, Staples gave a full confession.

Staples actually used a 9mm handgun and turned it over to investigators, the affidavit said.

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He is due in court Monday and his bond was set at $5,000.