Man carjacked in Memphis is thankful to be alive

Memphis, Tenn — Thankful to be alive is what controversial talk show host Thaddeus Matthews says after getting carjacked over the weekend.

Matthews is one of several people who have fallen victim to getting carjacked.

”He tells me I’m going to kill you, and I say common sense then jumps in place, and I say I can always get another car,” Matthews said.

Matthews says it happened after walking to his car after attending a blues concert in the 1400 block of airways Sunday night.

”There are too many other people in this community who are scared to go anywhere in this city,” Matthews said.

The thief got away in Matthew’s 2015 Cadillac XTS sedan.

The carjacking is added to a list of several others that’s happened across the city of Memphis.

”The Memphis Police Department has been excellent. I called personally Sheriff Floyd Bonner for his deputies to get involved in finding my vehicle,” Matthews said.

Tuesday morning, officers with the Memphis Police department went after three stolen vehicles.

Officers recovered two of the vehicles before chasing a suspect into the Memphis Zoo.

Memphis Police say they quickly set up a perimeter inside the zoo to arrest the one suspect who got inside.

Matthews says if the problem of carjackings continues, people who never thought of protecting themselves with weapons will begin exploring their options.

”I think that a thief like him should perish if you get what I mean,” Matthews said.

Thaddeus Matthews’ black Cadillac XTS is also still out there.

The Tennessee tag on the car is 3L8-IMO.