Man caught on camera stealing nearly $700 worth of medical equipment from diabetic woman’s front door

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man was caught on camera in broad daylight stealing nearly $700 worth of medical equipment from a diabetic woman’s front porch.

Ashleigh Bettis says she has been waiting on the medical equipment since January when she switched insurance companies but when a package finally arrived on her front porch, it was gone in five minutes.

“I just want to stay healthy for my kids who need me,” said Bettis.

Bettis got emotional thinking about the thief caught on her Ring camera in broad daylight stealing the package delivered to her front door near Given Avenue and Graham Street in Berclair.

In the package was a special glucose monitor she needs to help manage her diabetes.

“When I have that, I don’t have to test my blood sugar,” she said. “It gives it to me continuously on an app. It means a good blood sugar count, a good A1C, and now I haven’t had it for three months.”

Even though case numbers are going down, Bettis, who already battled COVID, fears her health could decline, and she could get sick with COVID again without the glucose monitor she depends on.

Bettis says the monitor saved her life a few times. Now that she doesn’t have it, her blood sugar levels have spiked much higher compared to when she has her device.

“I was ticked. I was very upset,” she said. “We’ve been waiting on that package for a long time, and as soon as my husband showed me the video from the Ring, I just lost it. I started crying.”

Bettis says she’s going to file a police report.  However, when she posted the video to Facebook, it got a lot of reaction online.

She says someone reached out to her, saying they know the man who stole her package.