Man charged with solicitation of a minor, sheriff says

MILLLINGTON, Tenn. — A man was arrested and charged with the Solicitation of a Minor in Millington, according to the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office.

Officers were called to a home on Fellowship Baptist Road just before 8 a.m. Wednesday.

A girl’s mother told a Tipton County Sheriff’s deputy that her boyfriend, Dakota Peters, had assaulted her daughter.

The mother said her daughter told her that Peters threw her on the bed and assaulted her approximately two months ago.

While on the scene, the mother’s friend also told deputies that Dakota sent her daughter a text message just after 2 a.m. that morning. The text message said that he wanted to perform sexual acts on her. Deputies were shown a screenshot of the text message confirming what was said.

The mother also told deputies that her daughter told her Dakota locked the two girls in the shed outside with him around 1 a.m. that morning and would not let them leave. She also told her mother they were forced to drink alcohol. The daughter also said that Dakota blew marijuana smoke in their faces.

Deputies spoke with Dakota, who told them he did send the text message to the daughter’s friend, but later sent a text saying he sent it to the wrong person. Dakota also denied allegations involving him and the daughter.

Deputies took two phones and a tablet belonging to Dakota into evidence.

They also took the phones from both girls into evidence.

Due to the evidence on the scene, deputies took Dakota into custody and charged him with the Solicitation of a Minor.

He was taken to the Tipton County Justice Complex for further questioning and then was taken to jail.

While in the jail, mental evaluation was completed on Dakota after he told deputies that he wanted to die and asked, “What would it take for y’all just to kill me?”

The Department of Children’s Services was also notified, according to the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office.