Man shot at downtown Hyatt Centric hotel also suspected of starting exchange of gunfire

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police in Memphis are piecing together a puzzle that involves gunfire and a man left injured inside of a downtown hotel, officials said.

Police revealed, in a report, that the person claiming to be a victim may have been the person who got it all started.

What was reported to police as an attempted carjacking outside the Hyatt Centric hotel downtown was actually a man, responding officers wrote in a report, pulling a gun and shooting at three people while running inside the hotel.

At the end of the gunfire, Darin Abston Jr. said he was left tending to a shooting victim.

“All of a sudden you heard multiple gunshots, multiple gunshots,” Abston Jr. said. “That young man who was bleeding, I had his ankle in my hand.”

It happened about 11:45 p.m. on Saturday, police said. Responding police found that man inside with a gunshot wound.

When they asked him what happened, he told police what they later discovered to be a lie: that he was the victim of an attempted carjacking as he picked up his car from valet.

It’s when they looked at security camera footage, police wrote in the report, that they saw the man park his own car outside the hotel, pull a gun and begin shooting.

Though he was injured by gunfire, police do not specify how he was wounded.

“Am I surprised this happened here last night? Actually no, not in any kind of way,” Abston Jr. said. “We need to stand together, put our voices together; make one loud voice and say ‘hey.’”

Police said while trying to get away, one of the people involved rolled a car into a green Chevy Camaro, which was towed away from the hotel Sunday morning.

They said two others got away in a black Infinite G37. Another ran away.

The person shot was taken to the hospital in good condition and no charges have been filed.