Man seen in viral arrest video speaks out

OAKLAND, Tenn. — It’s a video that’s received tons of views and attention on social media.

It shows a 25-year-old’s struggle and violent encounter with the Oakland Police Department.

Brandon Calloway has since secured an attorney in the case.

In an interview with Calloway and his attorney, FOX13′s reporter Lakiya Scott received more insight about the incident.

Attorney Andre Wharton told FOX13 his client was victimized, and he wants justice for the way it appeared Calloway was treated in that video.

Calloway shared with FOX13 that he’s still suffering both mentally and physically from the ordeal.

“It just has me on edge and very paranoid at all times,” Calloway said.

Calloway is the man seen in the viral video that’s surfaced all over social sites.

The video clip shows the moments on Jul. 16 when Calloway had an encounter with officers.

The case is now being turned over to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI).

The agency will determine whether excessive force was used in the clip.

The video shows officers tase Calloway, and then pullout batons after claiming the taser didn’t work on him.

At another point in the video, an officer is seen placing his foot on Calloway’s head and neck area.

Calloway told FOX13 he’s still suffering lingering physical ailments from that encounter.

“I’m still having constant headaches and still having to wear sunglasses, even inside with the light on, and the light’s off right now because it gives me constant headaches when I see the light,” Calloway said.

At one point in the video, Calloway’s face is bloodied.

FOX13 reached out to Oakland Police Chief Chris Earl who said in part:

“Our officers are well-trained … we just need to look at the investigation and see where everything comes out.” In response to that statement, Attorney Wharton said, “It just raises the question, if that’s well-trained, then I hate to see the opposite of that.”

Oakland Police accuse Calloway of being aggressive when they tried to arrest him for speeding and running a stop sign.

FOX13 has learned since the case has been turned over to TBI, one of the officers has been placed on suspension.

Calloway is charged with evading arrest, disorderly conduct, and other charges.

Attorney Wharton said he ultimately wants those charges on his client dropped.

“We’re all dreaming, at the same time, a bad dream,” Calloway said.