Man shoots, kills boy he finds in daughter’s room, police say

Memphis, Tenn. — Memphis Police arrested a man for the murder of a boy he allegedly found inside his daughter’s bedroom.

MPD said that a boy was found shot to death in the front lawn of 1736 Edward Avenue Thursday morning.

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Later that day, a woman contacted police and told them that she dropped off her brother at that house the day before and she hadn’t heard from him since.

Police said that homicide investigators went to the house and took a woman and her daughter in for questioning.

According to an affidavit, the woman told police that her fiance, 56-year-old John Moore, found the underaged boy in his underaged daughter’s bedroom and a fight broke out.

The woman reported that the boy took off running down the hallway and she heard gunshots.

According to the affidavit, Moore admitted to her that he shot the boy.

Police said that investigators later identified the boy as the child who had been in Moore’s daughter’s bedroom.

Moore is charged with one count of second-degree murder.

The victim’s family spoke out and shared the exceptional life he lived.

“He was very smart, funny, happy, loved to eat, try different foods.” James Paul Sr. lit up as he talked about his 16-year-old son James Paul Jr, or J.P. as everyone called him.

“He loved his sisters. On his arm he had a tattoo that said I am my sisters’ keeper,” said Paul.

J.P. was a Junior at Raleigh Egypt High School. He played four sports: basketball, football, baseball and you could even see him soar through the sky as he high jumped for his school’s track and field team.

“He looked up to me. I looked up to him because he was a respectful young man. Very intelligent,” said Ethel Alexander, J.p.’s great aunt.

But rather than cheering J.P. on at his many events or watching him walk across the stage at graduation next year, his family is now planning his funeral.

“We have to get ready to bury him this coming weekend,” said Alexander.

According to police 56-year-old, John Moore shot and killed the teen after he found J.P. in his daughter’s bedroom. A witness told police there was a fight, then J.P. went running down the hall, and that’s when the witness said she heard gunshots. “I just want justice for my nephew. “I’m not going to lie. He did not deserve to go the way he went. That was very tragic,” said Alexander.

JP’s family said he had a promising future and planned on attending Jackson State University after high school.