Man shot near Young Dolph memorial, police say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police are taking extra precautions after a shooting at the Young Dolph memorial.

The shooting happening just a little more than 24 hours after Young Dolph was gunned down.

Memphis police telling me it will be here until further notice. This latest shooting hasn’t stopped people from coming to the memorial to pay their respects tonight, but it did have them shaken up earlier today.

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What started off as a peaceful moment of mourning Thursday afternoon quickly turned dangerous.

“I hear ‘pow pow’, and we hit the ground,” said witness Tommy Wright.

That’s when Tommy Wright says he noticed his friend was shot in the leg. He says they called 9-1-1.

“We didn’t think they would get here quick enough through the traffic so we just got him in the car.”

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Memphis Police confirmed the injuries were not life threatening, but police are not sure why it happened.

“I don’t think they were targeting him, I think it was random and he was just the closest one,” said Wright.

Hours later, Memphis Police confirmed that three people were detained, two at the scene and one 10 minutes away, near Mississippi and Kerr after a chase.

It’s something witnesses say they just don’t understand.

“Obviously they didn’t see the police or they didn’t care,” said Wright.

“I don’t know a motive, I just don’t understand what you’d gain from it,” said Malik ‘the Martian’.

But they do know, it’s causing fans to have to mourn from a distance until further notice.

“I think about who are throwing teddy bears at the memorial because they can’t lay them down, it’s just like taking away a moment of peace for people,” he added.

Memphis Police have not released any more information on the suspects, what the motive may have been, or if it was truly random.