Pastor calls on community to turn in thief who stole computer from church’s Pre-K classroom

Memphis, Tenn. — A pastor is calling on the Orange Mound community to turn in a thief who broke into his church and stole a computer used for children in its daycare.

Memphis Police say a man burglarized St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church on Keating Street on Sunday, September 5.

Pastor Ronald Brown of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church said the thief broke the trust his congregation has established for more than 30 years.

“It was kind of oh my God kind of feelings. Why would they do that to this church?” said Pastor Brown who took FOX 13 to where the crook broke a window and climbed through. “He walked over to where the computer was, ripped out of the wall, and walked back.”

Brown told FOX 13 the computer was new and used by elementary school children and that the theft hurts their education “because our children don’t have the computer that they use in their classroom.”

Pastor Brown told FOX 13 the church has been a staple in this community that has problems with crime.

FOX 13 went to the City of Memphis Data Hub and discovered a quarter-mile from the church, MPD has investigated crimes ranging from aggravated assault to drugs in the past six months. Still, St. Luke’s maintains a food pantry and donated clothes to people who need them.

“I hope he does get caught. I hope he does get convicted. Convicted not by the law but convicted in his heart and his spirit,” said Pastor Brown.

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No arrests have been made, but if you recognize the man in the video released by police or if you have any information about this burglary, MPD wants you to call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

Any information that leads to an arrest, in this case, could be worth up to $2,000.