Manager takes to social media after patron leaves purse with loaded gun in restaurant

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A manager at the Bayou Bar and Grill complained on Twitter after a restaurant customer left behind a purse with a loaded gun.

The manager tweeted sarcastically: “Looks like the permitless carry law in Tennessee is off to a good start. This was left at a table in the restaurant last night. Way to go Governor Lee.”

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In the following tweet, he wrote: “Hey y’all, anyone find my loaded gun I left up here while I was having wings and shooters last night, LOLZ! my bad.”

He wasn’t the only one concerned.

“If you are going to carry a gun outside of the house it is your responsibility, absolutely to keep it safe and secure and keep it away from people who are not authorized to have access to it,” said Jonathan Cross, the owner of Dauntless Tactical Training.

He said criminals will get guns no matter what, whether it’s breaking into cars, homes or another illegal way.

He said it’s up to gun owners to safely secure their guns at home, in their cars and while carrying them.

“The responsibility is 100 percent on the gun owner, it is never anyone else’s responsibility. If you own the gun, your responsibility to be safe is yours, your responsibility to keep your gun away from other people is yours and the responsibility to know the law is absolutely yours,” said Cross.

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FOX13 went to the restaurant. The manager who made the post didn’t want to talk on camera but said he was so concerned he gave the gun to the police.

Retired Shelby County Lieutenant Mike Collins said the manager made the right call.

He said the gun could’ve easily gotten into the wrong hands and worries about how the permitless carry law will impact law enforcement.

“What this does now, people have access to weapons more freely and then the criminal element has the same access to the same law that is going to allow them to have more weapons and there is no legal recourse for law enforcement,” said Collins.

He believes gun owners need to be responsible as well. He worries the new law could cause an increase in violence and put more officers in danger.

“This is a bad law for law enforcement officers because it puts too many weapons in the hands especially those probably who shouldn’t have weapons in their hands,” said Collins.

FOX13 reached out to Memphis Police; a spokesperson said they have the gun.