Many local bars & restaurants still open for takeout and to-go orders

WATCH: Many local bars & restaurant still open for takeout and to-go orders

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Social distancing and thoughts of COVID-19 didn’t stop hundreds of people from making their way to Downtown Memphis and the Mississippi River Thursday.

With many businesses fighting to stay open, FOX13 found one Memphis sports bar and grill working to bring people together and balance social distancing with helping people get outside near their houses.

Management at Tug’s Casual Grill in Harbortown told FOX13 they’re faced with having to serve customers in a new way.

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“We make sure there are no tabs kept open, and you have to go off property and maintain that 6 feet of distance as we’re facilitating that,” said Jackie Didato, the manager at Tug’s.

Didato said customers can come in one at a time to get food or a beverage, and wanted to emphasize that they are open, although new safety practices are making things difficult for both businesses and people in the area wanting to enjoy these services.

“Restaurants are really hurting right now and hotels as well. We’re just wanting to make sure people have food and drinks, as well as something to do with everything going on,” she said.

The Shelby County Health Department and the CDC has advised that as people go out as the weather gets warm, to remember social distancing and the potential threat of COVID-19.

With almost 200 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Shelby County, it may be a while before businesses are able to go back to the old practice of customers dining in and limiting distance.

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