Marks Police Chief calls for cancellation of annual tradition after 7 people shot

The police chief in a North Mississippi town said an annual tradition needs to go.

The chief in Marks, Mississippi reached that conclusion after seven people were shot during an afterparty for a high school homecoming game over the weekend.

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FOX13 found out others in town aren’t so sure the tradition should end.

The Marks Police Chief told FOX13 that he believes the homecoming celebration afterparty, which happens on First Street in Marks after the game, needs to be canceled because the city doesn’t have the law enforcement to staff it.

Chief Marvin Furr said hundreds of people were partying on First Street when the shooting happened early Saturday morning.

The shooting hit particularly close to the town’s mayor, Joe Shegog.

”Just unusual, and everyone was surprised. I was shocked to get a call around midnight that my daughter had been shot and my niece, but it happened, and thank God it wasn’t life-threatening,” the mayor said.

Mayor Shegog’s daughter and niece were both shot. He said the city hasn’t discussed the future of the homecoming afterparty.

”it hasn’t gotten to that point yet. This is just a yearly event that we would like to have again, but we don’t know what decision will be made,” Mayor Shegog said.

Marks resident Patricia Love said to lose the event is unthinkable.

”I really think that we should beef up security, that it should be a little tougher, but I would hate to see the city lose the good time that we have during this time of year,” Love said.

The mayor said beefing up security is a possibility. But for that, the city would have to go outside of Marks because they just don’t have the officers for such a big event.