Marshall County officials create new mask ordinance

WATCH: Marshall County mask ordinance

MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — Marshall County put its own mask ordinance in place.

Residents will have to wear one in public, where social distancing isn’t allowed or feasible, but there is no way to enforce the ordinance.

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Janice Newsom, a Byhalia resident, said she had COVID-19 and it was rough for her.

She added that COVID-19 put her in the hospital with pneumonia.

Newsom believed the county had the right idea about wearing masks because the COVID-19 numbers in neighboring Desoto County were concerning.

“I think it is a good precaution to wear a mask,” Newsom said. “If you have never been through COVID-19, then you do not understand. The mask is not to protect me, it is to protect you.”

Byhalia’s Elissa Bronson said wearing a mask was a good idea on the county’s part.

“I think it is great,” Bronson said. “It’s something that we have got to get started doing. We have to get used to it and until we figure out a second plan we have to wear a mask.”

The county ordinance does not come with a fine.