Mask wearing up; hand washing and social distancing down

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Most people are wearing masks and in fact, it’s been increasing since the spring but other important measures like hand washing and social distancing are down.

This new CDC survey shows mask-wearing increased from 78 percent in April to almost 89 percent in June nationwide.

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Dr. Scott Strome at UTHSC College of Memphis said the mask numbers are encouraging but people have to say vigilant.

“It’s wearing a mask when we’re at our weakest moments, when we’re with family, when we’re with friends who are not really part of your pod, your rates are going to up go,” he said.

The same survey shows people aren’t keeping with the other COVID-19 mitigation behaviors such ass hand washing, keeping six feet distance and avoiding public and crowded places. The survey shows all of these behaviors decreased by as much as five percent from April to June.

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The survey also shows young people aren’t following these behavior as much as others.

Strome said healthcare professionals are pleading with young people to take these measures seriously, if not for themselves, for others.

“While it may not be impacting them directly in a majority of cases, it will impact their parents, grandparents and potentially people they don’t know,” said Strome.

The CDC survey shows people 60 and older are taking these measures seriously.

For example, mask-wearing for this group jumped to more than 92 percent.