Mason, TN looks to have finances out of state control by August

MASON, Tenn. — Leaders of the City of Mason, Tennessee said they hope to have their city finances out of the control of the state by August.

The state comptroller took over the city’s finances after the comptroller said there had been years of mismanagement.

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City leaders in Mason admit previous administrations had missed several state deadlines in the past.  The city blamed the missed deadlines on contracted accounting firms.

The City of Mason sued the state to try to regain control of its finances.  The city said the lawsuit was dismissed, but then the city entered an agreement with the state.  Initially, per the comptroller’s request, the City of Mason was only able to spend up to $100 without the permission of the state.  The agreement now allows the city to spend up to $1,000 without getting permission from the state.

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Leaders in the City of Mason said they would like to regain control of their finances to take advantage of possible opportunities which may come as a result of the new Ford plant which has already broken ground.

City leaders said Mason is the closest town to the new BlueOval project.  The city hopes it will greatly benefit the town.

“We’re putting all measures in place. We’re making sure all guidelines are followed.  Back then I think people were just taking money from the wastewater sewage and using it any way they wanted,” said Mayor Emmit Gooden of Mason.

The city hopes to be out of state control by August.