Mayor brings meat truck to Mississippi food desert

WATCH: Mayor brings meat truck to Mississippi food desert

JONESTOWN, Miss. — There is no grocery store in Jonestown, Mississippi. Only several very small convenience stores.

FOX13 found out people have to travel upwards of thirty miles round trip just to get groceries. In the meantime, the city is doing what it can to help residents on a tight budget.

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People told FOX13 they make the 15-minute drive to Clarksdale and back, the 30-minute drive to Batesville and back, and the one-hour-plus drive to Southaven and back to get groceries, and it is starting to hit hard

Cleo Henderson said he has lived in Jonestown all his life. He said he makes a weekly drive to Southaven to get groceries. Between the gas and the groceries, he said it hits him hard in the wallet.

“Deep. I just use one word: deep. I won't put no round number on it, but you know we got to maintain,” Henderson told FOX13.

There are a number of small-town convenience stores in Jonestown. That's it. Other than that, if you want meat or vegetables you have to drive. So, Mayor Kenneth Lester started having a meat truck to town.

“With this pandemic, we don't want people to go in and fight the stores to get meat, if we can bring the meat store here and control the social distancing,” Lester said.

Lester said some folks can't make the trips because of the price of meat and gas.

“The price of meat is going up, and it's like 17 miles to Clarksdale, and then to Batesville it's 39 miles, so we can save them time and money right there,” he said.

Keeping more of that money in residents’ pockets.

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