Mayor Strickland signs Memphis mask ordinance

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland signed the mandatory face-covering ordinance passed by Memphis City Council last week.

It requires a face mask to be worn in businesses, inside public buildings, and when at the doctor. It also applies when people are waiting for or riding the bus and employees of restaurants and other places will still be required to wear a mask.

You can read the ordinance here.

What does this mask ordinance mean for Memphis?

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According to the ordinance, all members of the public, except as specifically exempted, are required to wear a face covering outside their homes or other places they reside in the following specific situations:

  • When they are inside of, or in line to enter, any essential business including, but not limited to, grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, laundromats, and restaurants.
  • inside any non-essential business.
  • inside government buildings
  • inside elevators
  • inside hospitals, doctors offices and any healthcare facility
  • when they are waiting at MATA stops and riding MATA, in a taxi, private car service, or ride-sharing vehicle

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