Meet Tennessee police dog that sniffed out over 11 pounds of heroin and fentanyl

Memphis, Tenn. — Enough Heroin and fentanyl mixed to kill two and a half million people, that’s what the West Tennessee Drug Task Force said a Texas woman was hiding inside her Ford Expedition’s battery.

FOX13 spoke with The West Tennessee Drug Task Force director about the bust and met the dog who sniffed it out.

ORIGINAL REPORT: ‘Enough drugs to kill 2.5 million people’ Agents seize heroin, fentanyl in woman’s car on I-40

That stop was made near I-40 near mile marker 31 in the early hours of the morning.

”It was for improper display of registration and from there the agent approached the vehicle and tried to determine if it was the correct registration for the vehicle. He determined he had a little more reasonable suspicion to believe that more was happening than a traffic violation. He decided to deploy a K9 from the drug task force,” Director Johnie Carter said.

West Tennessee Drug Task Force Director Johnie Carter told us at that point this drug-sniffing dog named Romik was brought in to sniff things out. He is one of several dogs they have.

”I am going to tell you, they are the best there are. We have 5 dogs that we utilize. We train regularly. We train several times a month. We train them on vehicles warehouses, cars trucks and storage units,” Director Carter said.

Agents said they found over 11 pounds of a heroin and fentanyl mix hidden in a battery with a false bottom in the Ford Expedition driven by Bereniz Cavazos of Texas.

Agents said they found enough of the drugs to kill two million people in the battery. Carter said it’s not the first time agents have found dope hidden this same way.

”It’s an old technique that is coming back around and when the police start catching onto one thing they decide to do something different. Sometimes the old things come back around when they think the police have forgotten about them,” Director Carter said.