Memphians on pothole patrol following last week’s winter weather

If you’re driving on the roads this week, be careful. The city of Memphis said there may be a lot of potholes created due to constant changes in the weather.

It could cause damage to your vehicle.

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Monday, the director for the Public Works department spoke to the work they’re doing to keep drivers safe. Director Robert Knecht said they’ve implemented a strategy to address this increase that involves doubling the number of crews to respond to the damaged roads.

“We are fortunate in a city to have our own asphalt plant,” said Knecht. “We’re not dependent on anyone to make asphalt for us. We will not have any lack in materials to make repairs. Our main objective is to make hot mix and put as many crews as possible out there.”

The city said there is a timeframe that has to pass before they are liable for any damage to cars after a pothole is reported.

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Knecht said due to the severity of the storm, that time may be extended to give the city time to work on the roads.

“We normally allow three to five days to respond to a pothole before we can be held liable for a claim but given the issue we’re facing, we’ll be potentially extending that timeline or deferring it,” said Knecht.

The city said total numbers have not been calculated, but it’s expected to be more than the average of more than 1,000 a month.

Public Works also asked all city employees, including Memphis Police officers to report potholes as they see them.

You can do that by filing a claim on the city’s website.

If you see a pothole, report it at 311 or 636-6500.