Memphis boy goes viral, inspiring others with ABCs of career possibilities

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A first-grader with mad skills has gone viral after making a video with his dad to highlight different careers.

Just for fun, 6-year-old Robert Samuel White III and his dad Bobby created the #YouCanBeABCs song.

It’s a song to show you can be anything you want - from an Architect, a BioChemist, a Kindergarten Teacher, a Federal Agent, even a Quantum Physicist.

They recorded the song without a teleprompter, using only Sam’s mad skills and his memory.

Sam has an excellent memory. He knows all 39 books of the Old Testament in the Bible. Every single one. He sang them for FOX13′s Amy Speropoulos.

“I’m just really proud," said Sam’s dad Bobby White. “He makes us really proud and now a lot of people are saying with their friends and people who follow us on Facebook have been saying the whole while he’s just a real joy.”

Using all 26 letters in the alphabet, Sam came up with creative careers and put together a song to inspire everyone who listens. So far he’s inspired more than 7 Million people!

“We had this beautiful child at St. Jude, her mother responded and how she wants to see Sam before they leave Memphis. Her daughter, God bless her, has kidney cancer and she’s now singing Sam’s song after seeing this video we made,” Bobby White said.

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Just in case your wondering, Sam doesn’t want to be a rapper or even a musician. But he said he has narrowed it down.

“I want to be an architect, a governor, or a president,” he said.

“There need to be some bright spots because people are sitting at home more people probably then would be turning their attention more towards social media to television,” says Stephanie Nerissa White, Sam’s Mom.

His mom says Sam has been reading since he was 2 years old when they started doing storytime with him. She also says they would make a game out of it, putting his sight words up around the kitchen island and going through them every day.

“When my husband and son wrote this song they weren’t doing it with the intention of going viral," she said. "They were doing something because he was teaching Sam about different careers and not just careers with more generic names, being able to see careers with their branches.”

His song goes all the way through the alphabet, A through Z, and if you’re wondering what Y and Z are - Y is Your Own Boss and for Z, “Just don’t be a Zombie and let the world pass you by!” says Sam.