Memphis business gear up for Memorial Day weekend with new social distancing measures

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memorial Day weekend is usually a busy one for bars and restaurants but now things a little different as businesses reopen with strict social distancing guidelines.

As part of the Back-to-Business plan, restaurants are open at 50 percent capacity.

Railgarten in Midtown reopened for the first time since the pandemic this weekend.

“Obviously we have everybody in masks, anybody who touches food or beverage is wearing gloves, they’ve all been COVID service certified and you know we’ve taken the social distancing measures,” said Mason Jambon, Railgarten’s partner and director of operations.

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When you walk into the beer garden, the tables are all 10 feet apart, yellow lines mark your spot in line, and hand sanitizer is at almost every corner inside the bar area. Additionally, half the tables are gone.

FOX13 talked with a few first-time customers about their experience.

“We were shooting a mural tiktok for work and the rain kind of caught up so we decided to come in and give them a try since we’ve never given them a try and surprisingly they were open and serving which made us happy,” said Ericka Garrisson.

The two bloggers said they felt comfortable with the new social distancing changes.

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“I love the fact that everyone is wearing a mask, everyone’s wearing gloves and they’re super helpful and they’re making it feel like we’re going out for a normal day, nothing feels odd or different,” said Jaeoyn Montgomery, another customer.

Jambone said they feel pretty good heading into the holiday weekend.

“We don’t want to overwhelm our guests or our staff in the first weekend we’re open, we just want to make sure people come out and have a good time and feel comfortable doing it,” he said.

Some restaurants haven’t reopened yet, and they’re sticking with takeout only.

So, if you do want to go out this weekend, just double-check with the business to see if they’re open.