Memphis churches host ‘Manhood University’ in hopes of deterring young men from crime

WATCH: Memphis churches host ?Manhood University? in hopes of deterring young men from crime

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A couple of churches in the Frayser community are coming together to try and use a movie to help lower crime in the area.

Monday hundreds of men and teens went to the Bellevue Frayser Church to tackle serious issues in the community.

More than 500 people, including police, principals from schools and city officials, made their way to the Bellevue Frayser Church for the showing of a film called, “Save Our Kings.”

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They said the message is in that name. They want to help invest in young men to hopefully help address a deeper issue.

“We’re trying to catch these boys before they get addicted to drugs, before they get addicted to sex. Before they get pulled into gang life by giving them preventative medicine to help them discover who they are, why they are and what they’re here for.” said Pastor Ricky Floyd.

Pastor Floyd with the Pursuit of God Transformation Center in Frayser wants to make a change for the young men in the community.

“And give young men in the community a viable option other than crime,” said Pastor Floyd.

So, he’s created what’s called the ‘Husband Institute and Manhood University.’ It’s an effort to invest in young men and deter them from crime.

“90% of these boys don’t have a biological father in the house and what we’re doing is giving these boys affection, protection, direction, correction and we’re positioning them to leave a collection for their children’s children.”

“Save Our Kings” is a documentary that breaks down the need for a stop to violence.

Floyd says in addition to the movie there was also constructive dialogue between the community and police, school principals, and city officials to bridge the gap and hopefully make a difference.

“It has the potential to make a great difference in the lives of a tremendous amount of youth, but if it makes a difference in one life, then it’s worth the investment,” said Thomas Mcgee, Campus Pastor at Bellevue Frayser