Memphis City Council votes to increase solid waste fee

WATCH: Solid waste jobs hinge on rate hike

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis City Council has voted to increase the solid waste fee. The motion passed 11-2.

This means trash rates will go up by nearly $8 a month, a hike that Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland says is necessary.

Earlier this month, he issued a warning that if the rate hike does not pass, the city would have to lay off 275 sanitation workers and cut back on trash services next year.

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The rate increase failed the last time there was a vote.

FOX13 spoke with Councilman Frank Colvett by phone who shared his thoughts ahead of the meeting.

“If I understand it correctly, the new information that I have since we voted, I am very concerned about the loss of jobs obviously, but I am also concerned that if we do nothing, and keep the service level where it is, we could potentially be in violation with the State of Tennessee Comptroller.”

Colvett was the only council member who spoke with FOX13 before our news deadline.

Six council members will be replaced by newly elected members after the final council meeting of 2019.