Memphis family files a lawsuit against Waterview Apartments after their sister’s death

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis family and their lawyers have filed a federal lawsuit against a troubled apartment complex they believe played a part in the death of their loved one.

Corrisha Teal’s family said she would still be alive if the Waterview Apartments in southeast Memphis provided adequate security.

FOX13 breaks down why this family said the apartment complex should be shut down.

The two women said their sister should still be alive if only the apartment managers where she moved would have taken complaints about a violent man seriously.

"My sister was just trying to move in,” said Cathrine Ayers, sister.

Tyishia and Cathrine Ayers said their sister is Corrisha Teal, the man accused of killing her is Terrell Craft at the Waterview apartments.

Craft is accused of killing Teal in June.

But months before police arrested Craft for Teal’s murder, police said he killed another woman in the same apartment complex in March.

"There is too many people getting killed over there,” Cathrine Ayers said. “You all have some nice apartments but you're not doing your work."

Attorney Aaron Neglia represents Teal’s family.

Earlier this week, he filed a federal lawsuit against the ownership of the apartment complex.

"There have been several shootings at this apartment complex,” Neglia said. “They do have it fenced in, but the fences don't work. They don't have any roaming patrols no cameras."

In December, Antonio Tucker’s girlfriend found him dead in their apartment at Waterview.

According to FOX13’s Archives, in 2019, one other murder and handful of thefts also happened at the Waterview Apartments.

"Just like they closing the clubs down they need to shut these down too much stuff has happened over there,” Cathrine Ayers said.

FOX13 has reached out to the corporate office in Maryland for the company that owns Waterview Apartments and we are still waiting to hear back.

Craft is waiting for a trial date in Teal’s murder.