Memphis hit record warm temps, saw strong winds, freezing cold & snow in one weekend

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As we brought in a new year, new weather patterns followed.

Everything from record warmth and strong winds on Saturday, to freezing cold and snow on Sunday.

Melissa Cordero said she’s lived in Memphis for about 11 years, and woke up to snow on her car Sunday morning.

“We went from the weather being hot, to it being snowy, and cold the next day,” she said.

Although it didn’t stick for long, she said she was worried about what will happen overnight.

“My daughter and my daughter’s husband have to go to work in the morning. They have to go all the way to Arlington, and they have to drive on the interstate, which kinda worries me. There might be more accidents than usual, because a lot of people, they’re not very careful when there’s bad weather.”

With the mercury plummeting Sunday, the city of Memphis opened a warming center at the Marion Hale Community Center.

It’s not a place to spend the night, but it is a way for people to get out of the elements, especially on short notice.

Joe and Leslie Cianciolo had to get out of different elements on short notice, while out for a walk Saturday.

“Hail, and wind, it was just Armageddon. It was just really bad and we were just kind of scrambling to find somewhere to hunker down,” they said.

They said they got caught right in the middle of the weather change and started panicking.

That’s until a Good Samaritan, a woman they said they still can’t find, stopped to help them just in the nick of time to pick them up and take them to their car.

“If she hadn’t had come. I’m not quite sure what would’ve happened to us. And when she did pick us up, you couldn’t even see out her windshield, she risked herself to do this,” said Leslie Cianciolo.

The Marion Hale Community Center warming center is open until Monday at 7 a.m.