Memphis ice cream business keeping kids out of trouble, helping them set up successful futures

Memphis, Tenn. — Inspiring teens and keeping them out of trouble while giving them a chance to earn an honest living is the goal of one Cooper-Young ice cream shop owner.

I Love Waffle Cream is the name of the business and they are currently looking to hire more teens.

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Behind every scoop of ice cream these teens are scooping, there’s a lesson to hopefully keep them on the right track to becoming hard-working adults.

Touched by a violent year that has sadly seen so many young people lose their lives and be impacted by or take part in violence, Brenae Davis said she wanted to do something.

”I want to get them off the streets. As a teenager, I was into programs and it helped me so much and got me so far. So, I just want to return the favor,” Davis said.

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The successful music studio engineer decided to open I Love Waffle Cream, an ice cream shop in Cooper-Young, with employing young people in mind. Davis said the goal is to teach them fiscal responsibility and entrepreneurial methods  to hopefully make them business owners one day.

”I know there are sports and I know there is music. This is just another avenue for them to not have to go home and turn on the tv and go around the corner to get into trouble,” Davis said.

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Caleb Sesley, 16, started working at I Love Waffle Cream in June. He said he’s already learned a very important lesson to help him in the business world.

”A lot of patience, we have to explain the menu to each customer,” Sesley said. Sesley said he’s learning lessons that he hopes other teens will learn to keep money in their pockets into adulthood.

”Save and spend our money because, me personally, I have bad spending habits and here I learn how to plan to spend it or save it,” Sesley said.

Davis said, as long as the young workers want to learn, she’s willing to hire them on to teach them the ins and outs of the business world.

”I want to teach them a little bit more about entrepreneurship and responsibility. So, I’m looking for teenagers to come in and work after school hours. It’s a great environment. It’s light it’s friendly and, of course, you’re getting paid,” Davis said.