‘Memphis Jookin: The Show’ soon to come to Orpheum Theatre

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s a dance style that started in Memphis and has made its way all across the nation, known as Memphis Jookin’, and its history is now the focus of a show set to start in a couple of months, kicking off in Memphis and featuring one of the dance styles most well-known artists.

“It’s a dance style that is unique to the city of Memphis,” said Chares Riley, who goes by his stage name, Lil Buck, a well-known Memphis joker. “It started from this bounce and this groove.”

“It’s a dance style that consists of a lot of slides and glides and different steps,” Lil Buck said.

Jookin’ is something Memphis can claim as its own.

“It’s more than just a dance style. It’s a culture that’s super-rich and Memphis,” he said.

Jookin’ is the subject of a tour in at least 14 cities, all over the country, starting first at Memphis’ Orpheum Theatre. The show stars Lil Buck.

It’s called Memphis Jookin’: The Show.

“It’s a very exciting show,” Lil Buck said. “It’s basically about the culture of Memphis Jookin and introducing the world to it. The show is basically introducing the culture of Memphis music and Memphis dance to people.”

“All of the cast members are from Memphis, and all of the cast members are authentic Memphis jookers,” he said

Lil Buck said he wants people to see “that we have something special in Memphis.”

“Memphis has so much talent, a lot of young people with talent (who are) just oozing out talent,” Lil Buck said.

“This is giving a lot of kids in Memphis an opportunity to be to be able to say, ‘yeah, I’ve toured before; I’ve done a tour; I’ve toured the world before; I’ve traveled the world,” Lil Buck said. “I’m finally able to create a platform for dancers in Memphis.”

The 90-minute show will be featured at the Orpheum on Feb. 11 and Feb. 12.

Tickets are on sale now.

According to a release from the theatre, tickets are $25-$55 and are available for purchase by calling the Orpheum box office at 901-525-3000, or by visiting the Orpheum website, orpheum-memphis.com.

Future tour dates and locations are expected to be announced soon.