Memphis landlords sue Trump administration

WATCH: Group of Memphis landlords sues Trump Administration over eviction ban

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A group of Memphis landlords is fighting back.

They are suing the Trump administration over the recent eviction ban. They said they simply can’t afford to let renters stay for free.

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The landlords manage or own thousands of rental properties across the area.

“The halt order” prevents all evictions against non-paying tenants through the end of the year. But it deprives landlords of rental income as the coronavirus pandemic continues to drag on.

Glankler Brown is representing several plaintiffs. We reached out to one of their attorneys.

Josh Kahane did not wish to do an interview since this is ongoing litigation, but he sent over a statement.

It reads, “Any lawful relief that will help tenants remain in their homes during this time is critically important but must conform to constitutional standards and not infringe upon the fundamental and protected rights of all people. Unfortunately, the CDC’s well-intended eviction moratorium appears to be a serious and unlawful infringement on the constitutionally protected rights of property owners, both large and small,” said Josh Kahane, Glankler Brown.

The new order argues if people are evicted, they might become homeless and if they become homeless they may spread COVID-19. Something a local health expert backs.

The eviction ban is meant to avoid mass evictions, protect renters at risk of being turned out, and contain the spread of the coronavirus.

“There’s no question having people displaced from their homes. Right or wrong will lead to medical issues,” said Steve Threlkeld, MD/Baptist Infectious Disease.

Threlkeld acknowledges this is a complicated issue.

“Hopefully people a lot smarter who know politics can come together with a solution,” said Threlkeld.